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Arduino Based Temperature Monitor

This project is a simple temperature monitor using Arduino (ATMEGA328) and LM34(Precision Temperature Sensor). A 16 X 2 LCD display is used to display the temperature

Features :

1> Temperature output in F
2> Stores last 10 results
3> Averages temperature over 20 seconds to give a more accurate result

Materials  Used:
1> LM34 --> Precision Farenheit Temperature sensor (accuracy +/- 1 F)
2> 16 X 2 LCD Display (Using Hitachi HD 44780 lcd driver)
3> Arduino
4> Push Button Switches (2)

Temperature Monitor In Action

Temperature Monitor In Action

Video Description:

  • When you turn on the device we first have a welcome message flashing on the screen which then leads you to the startup screen which has the option of starting the temperature measurement or to view history.
  • The option selection is done using two push button switches.
  • When you hit the start button, the system starts measuring the temperature and a 20 second count down timer is initiated
  • 20 second averaging is done for better accuracy.
  • In the video temperature measurement is done twice once without the hand over the sensor and once with the hand on it.
  • Hence you can see the room temperature is around 80 F ( Yes, after I saw that I did turn my room heater thermostat down) and my skin temperature is 88 F ( This is different then what we would expect for the body temperature because we are testing at the peripherals and not under arm)
  • When you select the history tab it shows the latest temperature measurement (88 F in this case) and you can view the older once by going up.
  • The monitor can store upto 10 previous readings after which it over writes the first reading.

Here are some pictures






Download Code here to build your own temperature monitor