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About Me

  • I was born on the 14th of November,1984 in the city of Mumbai, India.
  • After completing my undergraduate education I went on to do my Bachelor's in Biomedical Engineering for the prestigious Dwarkadas J Sanghvi College of Engineering which is affiliated to the Mumbai University.  I completed my Bachelor's with a First Class distinction (GPA: 3.8) in May 2006.
  • Right after my Bachelor's I went on to secure my Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA. I finished my Master's in Dec 2007 with a GPA of 3.94.
  • For my Master's I did my thesis research work in Rehabilitation Engineering. My work was largely focused on improving and designing custom interface a game that my lab was developing for the physically challenged. You can read more about my thesis work here .
  • I did a small stint in the Rivers Lab where I developed a simulation using Virtools (Software for designing virtual environments) to investigate hand v/s foot coordination. Data has been collected over the summer of 2009, will post updates here.
  • I am currently working with the Stress and Motivated Behavior Institute (SMBI), which is jointly funded by the University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey (UMDNJ) and the Veteran's Administration (VA).
  • I also love to do some cool projects with LEDs and Arduino. To check out my projects go here